Dhaulagiri Trek and Dolpa Trek

   Dhaulagiri Trek 

Dhaulagiri 8,167m - the 7th highest mountain in the world - means the "white mountain" though many mountains over the world have names, which translate to White Mountain. This is a strenuous trek, through high alpine pastures, higher passes and serene and uninhabited valleys. Everyone is familiar with the name Dhaulagiri which is in the western part of Nepal, probably the best spot for remote and adventurous trekking in Nepal. The simple reason behind it is that it consists of more than fifteen 7,000m magnificent peaks with land of dramatic Tibetan land escape contrast.
   Dhaulagiri trekking routes start after an 4-hour scenic drive from Pokhara to Beni, from Beni you drive bumpy road  in north-westerly direction through the villages of Babichour, Dorbang from where you start to walk head north still keeping to the banks of the Myagdi Khola. Muri is the last major settlement along this trail and is inhabited by people of the Magar tribe the Bager (jeltung) is the last remote permanent settlements. Still heading north Myadi Khola valley this days there are few basic teahouse not reliable after t  you skirt the Glacier, keeping on its left side, to reach the Dhaulagiri Base Camp from where magnificent mountain vistas are available. Head north-east from the Base Camp and climb the steep incline to the French Pass (5,360m), Ice Glacier between Tukche Peak (6,920m) and Sita Chuchura (6,611m). Heading east you descend a little and pass through a portion of the Hidden Valley and climb to Thapa Pass (5,250m), between Tukche Peak and Thapa Peak (6,012m) from where you begin your descent, heading south-east toYak Kharka or Alubari. From Alubari, the trail further descends to the village of Marpha on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River, and then heads north to Jomsom ,Muktinath  or from where you fly back to Pokhara Jomsom or drive back to Beni Pokhara.
Day 1) Drive from pokhara toDarbang (1110m) 7 hours drive over night
Day 2)Darbang to trek to Sibang (1850m) 5 to 6 hours walk over night
Day 3) Sibang to trek to Mudi /Muri(1570m) 5 to 6 hours walk over night
Day 4) Mudi to trek to Bager (2080m) 6 hours walk over night
Day 5) Baget to trek toDobhan (2520m) 6 to 7 hours walk over night
Day 6) Dobhan to trek toChaur Bag/Khola Camp5 to 6hours walk (3445m) overnight camp
Day 7) Chaur Bag to trek toItalian Base Camp 6 hours walk (3660m) overnight camp
Day 8) Acclimatization Day/Rest day
Day 9) Italian Base Camp trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4748m) 7to 8 hours walk  overnight camp
Day 10) D B C trek to Hidden Valley(5140m) 8 hours walk overnight camp
Day 11) Hidden Valley trek to Alu Bari/Yak Kharka(3900m)7 to 8 hours walk overnight camp
Day 12) Alu Bari trek to Marpha (2670m) 4hours walk overnight cam
Day 13) This is the Extra Day between trek we can spent anywhere.
Dolpa Trek

          The Upper Dolpo region is another remote hidden destination in far west where Nepal's most tranquil and natural beauty is still unexplored. The home of herbal land, unspoiled trans-Himalayan culture, Buddhist monuments, and unique human civilization at high altitude is worth a visit. Trekkingaround the Dolpo region is an unforgettable journey in every visitor's life. Observing different rain shadow landscapes with stunning mountain views, wild flowers, Himalayan blue sheep, snow leopards, and huge birds Himalayan griffon. It's difficult to grow crops there, which makes life difficult for the local people, so most of them are involved in the salt trade from Tibet, this traditional culture continue in Dolpo generation to generation. Dolpo is protected by Shey-Phoksundo National Park. It lies to the north of the Dhaulagiri Range bordering the Tibetan Plateau. Here one can find a well-preserved eco-system of plants and wildlife, including the blue sheep and the elusive snow leopard. The view of Kanjiroba peak, Phoksumdo Lake, and the Dhauligiri massif is one of the most rewarding moments of this trek. A visit to the Phoksumdo Gompa – dedicated to the ancient Bonpo religion, local to Dolpo and Tibet, is a memorable experience. Dolpo is still the homeland of the Spotted Leopard, Blue Sheep, wolves, and many other varieties of flora and fauna. A well-organized camping trek is required and trekking in a group is recommended. This trek is most suitable for those who are exceptionally fit and prepared to face the fool.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and checking in your hotel.
Day 02: Kathmandu valley Sightseeing.
Day 03: Drive or fly to Nepalgunj .
Day 04: Fly to Juphal (Dopla) Camp in Dunai (four and half hour trek.)
Day 05: Dunai - Hankhe (Four and half hrs).
Day 06: Hankhe - Reiji (four and half hrs trek)
Day 07: Reiji - Phoksundo Lake (3600m. & 5 hrs).
Day 08: Phoksundo - Rest/explore around.
Day 09: Phoksundo Lake-Lake beach (5 hrs).
Day 10: Lake beach - Mandala Camp (4,570m. & 5 hrs).
Day 11: Mandala Camp - Kang La (5,240m) pass - Shey Gompa (4280m.& 5 hour).
Day 12: Shey Gompa - Gela Pass (5010m) - Namgung (4,380m. & 5 hours).
Day 13: Namgung-Yanger Gompa (3890m & 5 hrs).
Day 14: Yanger Gompa-Musi Gaon (4270m. & 6 hrs).
Day 15: Musi Gaon - Lnag La (5002m ) - Sime Gaon (3950m & 6 hrs).
Day 16: Sime Gaon - Tinja (4150m & 6 hrs).
Day 17: Tinja - Kheng (4550m & 6 hrs).
Day 18: Kheng - Charka pass (5,036m ) -Charka (4365m & 7 hrs).
Day 19: Charka -Yak Kharka (4780m & 5 hrs).
Day 20: Yak Kharka - Sangda pass (4295m ) - Sangda phedi (6 hrs).
Day 21: Sangda phedi - Sangda ( 3909m & 5 hrs).
Day 22: Sangda - Phale Gaon (2900m & 6hrs).
Day 23: Phale Gaon - Jomsom ( 2713m & 4 hrs).
Day 24: Fly from Jomsom - Pokhara.
Day 25: Pokhara to Kathmandu.
Day 26: Free and Rest in Kathmandu
Day 27: Departure from Nepal 

Dolpo Lower / Juphal – Tarakot – Ringmo:-

Day 1:- Fly from kathmandu to Nepalganj.
Day 2:- Dunai.
Day 3:- Tarakot.
Day 4:- Tarap Khola.
Day 5:- Biyo Caves ( 3500m.)
Day 6:- Dho Tarap (4200m.)
Day 7:- Dho visit ( gompas).
Day 8:- Takse ( Numla Phedi)..
Day 9:- Numla Pass/Bega la.
Day 10:- Bakhra Kharka.
Day 11:- Ringmo.
Day 12:- Visit Phoksundo.
Day 13:- Regi Gaon
Day 14:- Roha Gaon
Day 15:- Juphal.
Day 16:- Fly to Nepalgunj and same day for Kathmandu.

                           Shey- phoksundo lake on way to dolpa

            Dolpo: Jumla-Jomsom 28 days:-

                       Itinerary                                                                                                               Day 1:- Fly from Kathmandu to  Nepalgunj.                                                                              Day 2:- Jumla.
Day 3:- Ghuthichaur.
Day 4:- Naphukanda.
Day 5:- Chaurikot via Mauria Pass ( 4260m.)
Day 6:- Thaijam.
Day 7:- Kagmara.
Day 8:- Daju ( 3500m.) via Kagmara Pass.
Day 9:- Phoksundo lake.
Day 10:- Beach
Day 11:- Explore Phoksundo Beach.
Day 12:- Mandala Camp.
Day 13:- Shey Gompa.
Day 14:-Nam gau ( 4270m.).
Day 15:- Yanger Gompa.
Day 16:- Mushi Gau.
Day 17:- Explore Mushi Gau.
Day 18:- Sime Gau.
Day 19:- Tijna
Day 20:- Kaheng.
Day 21:- Charka. ( 4370m.)
Day 22:- Yak Kharka.
Day 23:- Sanda Phedi ( 5110m.)
Day 24:- Sangda.
Day 25:- Dangar Dzong.
Day 26:- Jomsom.
Day 27:- Explore Jomsom.
Day 28:- Fly to Pokhara.l challenge of the Himalayan wilderness.